31 to 30 Oct 2020: Halloween
11 to 10 Nov 2020: Remembrance Day

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Tuesday Evening Open Doubles League

  • 7:30 pm game start. Three round season. Sign up at any time before start of a round (space permitting).
  • Any two people may play together.
  • First round $55/person, plus fees (PayPal, CurlMB / Curling Canada, Capital Reserve), $10/person discount for subsequent rounds.
  • Mixed Doubles rules, ~90 minute 8-end games. Stick curlers are welcome.
  • League convener: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online registration is required prior to October 11 - click here to register.

Practice ice available beginning Monday, Sep 21

Monday 7:00 - 8:00pm
Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00pm
Wednesday 7:00 - 9:00pm
Thursday 7:00 - 9:00pm

Non-member fee per sheet: $40 for 1 hour, $75 for 2 hours

First come, first served. Contact the Club Manager to reserve a sheet using our contact form.

Upon arrival, please access the building from the Vimy Road entrance, and proceed directly upstairs to sign-in at the bar and change your shoes. Proceed downstairs through the bar side stairwell to access the ice shed, and proceed to your assigned sheet through the designated door.

Other reminders:

  • Please read and follow all signage and floor markings within the facility.
  • Locker rooms are closed.
  • Masks must be worn at all times EXCEPT when seated to consume food or beverage.
  • Waivers must be signed before you will be allowed to access the ice shed: https://curlamcc.ca/index.php/register-2020

Online Registration and Return to Play Common Questions

A number of questions have been asked by several league members since we released our Return to Play Plan last week. Here are answers to some of the more common ones (thank you to Bruce Burton for getting this document started):

Q: Will I have to wear a mask while curling?

A: Yes, you will be required to wear a mask at all times (inside and on the ice) - EXCEPT when seated in the cafe / lounge to consume food or beverage. As an abundance of precaution, the club is mandating the wearing of masks until further notice. A limited number of masks will be available for purchase at the restaurant and bar, but you are strongly advised to take some time to look at a number of masks and find ones that are most comfortable for you well in advance of curling season. For maximum comfort, you may wish to plan to have at least three masks on-hand - two for curling, and one for wearing indoors before and after.

Q: Will I be able to use the washrooms?

A: Yes, but social distancing will be necessary.

Q: Will I be able to use a locker to store my outside clothes?

A: No, there will be no access to the lockers or locker rooms at this time. You should plan to arrive at the club dressed as "ready to curl" as possible. While curling, we suggest that you place your winter boots in the coat room and take your valuables on to the ice in a carry bag.

Q: If the club is closed or I miss any games because of COVID-19, will I receive a refund of curling fees?

A: No, there will not be any refunds as the funds are required to maintain the facilities during a shut down. Any surplus funds after payment of all expenses will be credited toward next year's curling fees.

Q: Will the water coolers be available?

A: No, the water coolers will not be available, but curlers are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic drinks in plastic or metal containers. Distancing between containers is not required, but any container should be handled only by his/her owner.

Q: Will the bar and restaurant be open?

A: Yes, both will be open. However, exact operating protocols are still being developed, and will be ready later in September.
Confirmed September 8: you will be able to consume beverages purchased from the lounge on the home end of the ice shed, as usual. On-ice ordering details are to be determined.

Q: Do all curlers have to provide an email address and phone number?

A: Every curler must provide an email address and a phone number to enable tracking of COVID-19 should the occasion arise. Some curlers may not have an email address in which case they may need to get a close relative/friend to allow use of their email address to allow registration and completion of the AMCC liability waiver. AMCC has advised that all waivers must be sent to the club electronically and are not accepting any paper copies. The phone numbers and email address will enable the convenor to keep the members fully informed should there be an issue or a change to COVID-19 conditions and/or changes to protocols.

Q: How do I submit my waiver, or submit an online payment for a league?

Each player participating in weekly curling, entering bonspiels, renting practice ice, or playing occasional spare games in our facility must provide sign-off for two required documents prior to entering the ice shed. The easiest (and recommended) way to submit these documents is to visit our registration page: https://curlamcc.ca/index.php/register-2020. After clicking the adult / youth link - read all documents listed at the top of the page, complete all fields on the registration form, and click the "Next Step" button at the bottom of the page. Continue following the directions provided on the web page until a confirmation of your successful registration is displayed. If the league you wish to pay for is not listed on the registration page, contact your league convener for details.

Q: Will my curling game be different?

A: Yes, changes to all phases of game play (including before and after your game) are necessary to comply with Curling Canada guidelines and Provincial health directives. The full details can be found in the Player's Guide document available here: http://keepcurling.curlamcc.com. The short version is:

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick, or have been in contact with any confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • Let your team and your league convener know immediately if you will be missing a game, or if you have been directed to self-isolate by public health officials.
  • Ensure your invited spares / guests / spectators sign into the building upon entry.
  • Maintain 6’ / 2m physical distancing at all times.
  • Practice good hand hygiene - wash / sanitize your hands often, and avoid touching your face.
  • Wear a face mask at all times except when seated in the café or lounge.
  • Read and follow all signs and floor markings.
  • Sign and submit all required waivers prior to your first game.
  • Adhere to game start and end times.
  • Please understand that there may be changes to our policies and procedures throughout the season, so keep in touch with your league convener (and/or watch our website for updates if you are able to).

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver or sign-in to the building every time I curl?

If you are a full-time member, you only need to submit your waivers once at the beginning of the season. If you are an occasional spare, you must complete the sign-in sheet at the bar or restaurant before each game, but only need to submit your waivers once prior to any game you play (and you can do this any time - even before the season starts). All players and non-curling guests must complete a self-assessment for symptoms of liiness using the poster at the entrance door upon every arrival. They must not enter, and immediately return home if they are experiencing any of the listed symptoms. Staff members are authorized to ask anyone who is sick to leave the building immediately - please help them and everyone else out by doing so yourself before you need to be asked.

Q: Are printed copies of the AMCC Player's Guide available?

A few copies will be printed to remain at the club prior to sign-up week. If you wish to obtain your own printed copy, please visit the UPS Store at 3336 Portage Ave (near Portage Ave and Westwood Drive) and ask for a copy by name ($4.00 for monochrome, $10.80 for color, plus taxes).

Q: Can I see what a "real" curling game will look like under his season's rules?

A: Yes - Curling Canada has several demonstration videos posted here: https://www.curling.ca/return-to-play/

AMCC Return to Play Update

Thank you for everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting on August 26. A lot of great questions were asked and comments provided from our league organizers and members in attendance. All members and interested guests may now view our Return to Play plan at: http://keepcurling.curlamcc.com

Please note:

  • Our plan is not "perfect" yet, and there are some inconsistencies in our documents that we need to iron out - but it is generally correct and "good enough" to start sharing crucial information with all of our current (and potentially new) members.
  • At this time, our waivers are available to view on-line, but we would ask members NOT to attempt to fill out and submit them at this time, as we will be making some tweaks to the process based on feedback received yesterday evening. The changes should be in place just and ready to use just after the September long weekend.
  • League conveners may send questions directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Kevin will try to reply to you the same or early the next day. In consideration of our volunteer league conveners, we would ask other members to use our contact form to submit questions and identify which league(s) they play in, so that we can summarize common issues and lessen the amount of e-mail our conveners need to reply to. They need time to focus on preparing for registration sessions happening Sep 8-10.

Looking forward to a safe and complete season of curling...

AMCC Board of Directors / Return to Play Committee

Previous update...

AMCC's Return to Play committee was formed in mid-July, with the following Board members, staff and volunteers participating to date:

  • Kevin Nakonechny
  • Jody Smart
  • Paul Batchelor
  • Matt Rankine
  • Ken Onagi

At this time, we can share that our draft plan has been submitted to the Board of Directors for review, and a special meeting has been requested for discussion and approval on August 18. UPDATE: The plan was approved by the Board on August 18, with minor amendments. Following approval, details will first be provided to league conveners by e-mail, before presentation to members (with opportunity for Q & A) at our AGM on August 26.

In general you can expect that we:

  • Are planning to open for our usual curling season.
  • Are planning to have a modified (three-evening) sign-up event in the club in early September.
  • Will be adhering to Return to Play Guidelines provided by Curling Canada / CurlManitoba.
  • Will have new procedures and safeguards in place to protect all of our facility's occupants from the spread of COVID-19. Most will be familiar to anybody who has visited a grocery store, restaurant, or bar in the past couple of months.

We appreciate our members' patience as we continue the preparations required for another great season of curling.

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