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Why Curl at AMCC?

Curling - the original "social network" - is the perfect winter sport.

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It provides good physical exercise, social interaction, and is inexpensive and safe. We have members of all ages from 6-90 years of age. You can learn the game at any age and then play the game at the competitive level you choose.

For ‘couples’, curling makes a great ‘date night.’ You can play together, socialize with others and get some physical activity. You always know when and who you are playing with so you can plan ahead for those nights. 

Parents who are looking for a winter activity for your kids - curling is a great choice because it is a sport for both boys and girls, requires minimal equipment, will encourage social skills, team work, problem solving and the physical skills can be learned easily. Parents - curling is something you can do with your kids (and siblings can do with each other). 



For youth that possess high levels of talent, committment, and and competitive spirit - our affiliation with Curl Manitoba allows our Junior curlers to compete in sanctioned events throughout the province. AMCC has a rich history of hosting some of the best Junior curlers (most recently including the 2017 Mens' and Women's Junior Provincial Championship teams).

If you just need a break for yourself that gets you out of the house, we also have Men’s and Ladies Leagues that you can also choose to play in that run outside of normal business hours. Daytime curling leagues are available for retired curlers looking to build social connections and maintain an active lifestyle.

Are you new in town? Curling is a great way to meet new people and become a part of the community. Curling club members come from all walks of life and as said before are all ages, and as social time after the game is important you will meet new people easily. Are you part of a summer team (like baseball or a golf group) and you want a time to get together during the winter? Try entering a team. Some leagues allow teams to enter as a unit and to have more than the four regular team members (6-8) so that there are always enough team members to play the game. Our learn-to-curl instruction (new for 2017-18 - watch our website for details) will help you get started with the basic skills of curling.

Have back or knee issues? Happily, curlers can use a piece of equipment called the ‘stick’ or extender which allows you to deliver a rock from a standing position (two AMCC curlers won the Manitoba championship in 2016, and travelled to Victoria BC to represent our province at Nationals). There are rubber grippers for both feet (recommended for all curlers to use when not delivering their rocks) which allow you to grip the ice and there is headgear like the halo which protects the head from falls. Age and physical ability should never be a barrier to learning to curl. Assiniboine Memorial is fully wheelchair accessible - including our upstairs lounge - so wheelchair curlers who play in our facility can participate in ALL aspects of the curling experience.

AMCC strives to provide one of the best curling experiences in Winnipeg.

Assiniboine Memorial has ample well-maintained parking lot space, and due to our easy accessibility via Sturgeon Road, Ness Avenue, and Portage Avenue - our leagues draw curlers from all corners of Winnipeg, and beyond. You don't need to live in our back yard to have fun with us - all of the red dots on the map below represent at least one person who travels to our facility to curl on a regular basis.

member map

We are committed to providing the best possible game experience. Assiniboine Memorial's ice surface is installed by world-class icemaker Matt Rankin, and maintained daily by his crew of trained ice technicians (who are themselves curlers at AMCC and elsewhere). High intensity, energy efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures ensure all playing surfaces are properly lit. High quality filtered water (one of the most important ingredients for good curling ice) and air dehumidification systems further contribute to providing the best possible curling ice for our members.

After the game, our lounge provides an inviting atmosphere to relax, socialize, enjoy a beverage, and watch the game of the day on our two large screen HD TVs. We do not currently provide overhead house cameras, but angled windows provide a prime view of both ends of all eight sheets. On-site food service, featuring occasional Friday theme suppers, is available during prime curling hours. Free wi-fi signal blankets the facility with unrestricted Bell MTS high-speed Internet (50Mbps download / 7 Mbps upload) - so that you can remain in touch with your online contacts during your visit (if you so choose).

ice panorama

Annual memberships range from a very affordable $100/person for the 20-week Youth curling program, up through $330/person for our more competitive leagues (which can qualify you to compete for the Club Championship). League availability information will be posted here in the coming months. 

Ask us how you can experience curling at AMCC this season.

  • Send us an e-mail.
  • Come visit us in person on sign-up night: Wednesday, September 6, 7:00 - 10:00 pm in our upstairs lounge

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The Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club carries the pride of honouring these men and all others who fought for freedom in World War I and II. We are mindful of the task we have undertaken and endeavor to carry out our curling in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner. We are proud of them; we hope they would have been proud of us.



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