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05 Jan, 2020

Adult Curling Academy - Winter 2020 Intake


Learn to Curl and our Recurrent Skill Workshops are not low-value "quick and cheap" clinics. They are multi-week instructional league experiences specifically designed to help new curlers learn the basics successfully, and experienced curlers achieve a more consistent level of play. 

Online payment is not required at this time - scroll down select the "Pay Later" option when you reach the payment details screen. Full payment will be due after your two-week free trial ends.

Adult Learn to Curl (in its third year at AMCC)

Need a beak in your weekly routine?

Are you new to the neighborhood, and want to meet some new people while having fun and getting some exercise?

Want to make your Manitoba winter seem shorter while participating in a sport that you might have seen on TV (but never tried yourself)?

If any of the above applies to you, and you are a first-time or novice (AMCC Adult Learn to Curl Program (in its third year at AMCC) is designed for you.

New for 2019-20: Recurrent Skill Workshops

Our successful Adult Learn to Curl program is in its third year, and we are listening to feedback from our customers. In response, we are happy to offer a series of workshops designed not only for recent "graduates," but also for experienced curlers who are looking for an opportunity to receive the coaching needed to improve challenging areas in their individual play. It's like the pre-season "clinic" that a lot of curlers attended in the past - but you get to keep improving throughout the duration of the series (rather than attending a single evening and immediately forgetting everything you learned at your first game a week later).

Please click here to see full program details.

AMCC Adult Curling Academy


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