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AMCC's Rules and Regulations

The following are the up-to-date Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club rules and regulations:

  1. Anyone entering the ice shed area must wear clean footwear specifically for curling (no street shoes).
  2. No drinks allowed on the ice surface or the far end of the ice shed.
  3. Clean up your garbage (drink cups, wrappers etc.) before leaving the ice area.
  4. No popcorn is allowed on the lower level of the club.
  5. All children (age 12 and under) must be supervised by an adult(s) at all times while on AMCC property. The adult(s) will be responsible for the actions of the child (children) and is/are responsible for instructing the child (children) of the appropriate actions and conduct to be followed within the AMCC premises.
  6. Persons less than 18 years of age are not permitted in the lounge area at any time without direct supervision by an adult.
  7. No smoking anywhere inside the club premises.
  8. The club premises must be vacated one-half (1/2) hour after the bar closes.
  9. No liquor purchased outside the club may be consumed or brought into the club.
  10. Food and outside catering may not be brought into the club during regular cafeteria hours. Please support our cafeteria. You will be responsible for cleaning up any garbage resulting from any food brought in.
  11. Practice ice should preferably be booked in advance. Anyone practicing must be off the ice at least one-half (1/2) hour before the next draw in order to have the ice prepared for the next draw. Between games, if anyone is practicing and the bell is sounded which signals the end of the draw, the rocks must be immediately returned to the home end of the sheet and the ice surface vacated by those practicing. Any member(s) who fails to follow the practice ice rules will have their privileges for practice ice removed.
  12. Preference for practice ice will be given on a first come first served basis in the following order:
    1. Ice prebooked by an AMCC member
    2. Ice prebooked by an AMCC associate member
    3. AMCC members
    4. AMCC associate members
    5. Others
  13. Club make up games will take priority over any booked or unbooked practice ice.
  14. Anyone practicing must make all efforts to protect the hacks.
  15. After practice or games all curling rocks must be returned to the home end.
  16. The rules of the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) shall apply to all league play unless superseded by rules set by the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club or their league.

All sports including CURLING have risks.

The risks and hazards of CURLING can be severe resulting from accidental contact with equipment, other players, or fall on the ice.Some of the many potential risks, hazards that could result in harm or injury include but are not limited to:

  • Slipping and falling while stepping onto the ice from or to the walkway.
  • Being struck by a broom, brush or CURLING stone.
  • Falling because of slippery ice or uneven or irregular ice surfaces.
  • Falling while delivering the curling stone, skipping or sweeping;
  • Physical contact with other participants, spectators, or equipment.
  • Running or sliding on the ice surface
  • Strenuous cardiovascular workouts and demanding physical techniques such as sweeping.
  • Exerting and stretching various muscle groups
  • Failure to use one’s equipment properly or the mechanical failure of one’s equipment.

All participants of the ASSINIBOINE MEMORIAL CURLING CLUB acknowledge their awareness that:

  • The risk of injury is reduced if all rules and safe practices established for participation are adhered to.
  • The risk of injury increases as one becomes fatigued or their abilities are impaired for any reason including but not limited to the consumption of Alcohol or Drugs.

By participating voluntarily in these activities, events and programs all participants at the ASSINIBOINE MEMORIAL CURLING CLUB agree that there are risks involved in the sport of CURLING as described above and by participating shall voluntarily expose themselves to these risks and hazards. All participants shall agree to accept these risks and assume personal responsibility for any injury, damage or other loss they might receive while participating in these events, activities and programs.

For further information on preventing curling-related injuries, please see:

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The Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club carries the pride of honouring these men and all others who fought for freedom in World War I and II. We are mindful of the task we have undertaken and endeavor to carry out our curling in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner. We are proud of them; we hope they would have been proud of us.



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