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The Board of Directors and Members of AMCC wish to acknowledge completion of these recent major capital projects within the facility:




 2008-09 Roof Replacement
Air Handling Unit
 2010 Washroom / Board Room Improvements


2011 Parking Lot Resurfacing $113,000
2012 Ice Shed Upgrades $36,000
2013 Accessibility Upgrades $183,000
2014 Dehumidifier Installation
Ice Plant Chiller Replacement
 2015 New Furniture $36,000
2015-16 Rock Striking Band Refurbishment $10,000
2018 Ice Plant Compressor $20,000
2019 Ice Plant Condensor $46,000

Funding of these projects was secured from the following supporters:

  • AMCC membership fees, private donations, and volunteer fundraising.
  • Government of Canada
  • Province of Manitoba
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Curl Manitoba
  • Manitoba Hydro

The list above is not inclusive of countless smaller projects completed by Board personnel and individual members on a continual basis. Our facility could not operate without the ongoing contributions of our advertising sponsors, preferred vendors, and dedicated volunteers!

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