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Past Presidents

Percy Bucknall (Deceased) 1958-59
Earl Flemington (Deceased) 1959-63
Bill Townsend 1963-64
John Steel (Deceased) 1964-65
Glen Ryan 1965-66
Jack Thompson 1966-67
Hugh MacDonald (Deceased) 1967-68
Charlie Copeland (Deceased) 1968-70
Don Brough (Deceased) 1970-71
Jim Richardson 1971-72
Joe Laxdal (Deceased) 1972-73
Jim Burman 1973-74
Mel Rogers 1974-75
Bob Smith 1975-76
Marcel Rivard 1976-77
Owen Turner 1977-78
Ralph Bullock 1978-79
Al Mayer 1979-80
Roy Tunney 1980-81
Toro Suzuki Honourary
John Bazarkewich 1981-82
Walter Wolfe 1982-83
George McCartney 1983-84
Dennis Cale 1984-85
Bill Bullen (Deceased) Honourary
Jim Kinnaird (Deceased) 1985-86
Dave Allan 1986-87
Ralph McFadyen 1987-88
Tom Stewart 1988-89
Lawrence McCausland 1989-90
Bob McNaughton 1990-91
Errol Klinck 1991-92
Dwight Adams 1992-93
Scott Cale 1993-94
Eric Montford 1994-95
Bob Gould 1995-96
Ralph Swainson 1996-98
Derryl Burdiak 1998-00
Al Kinnaird 2000-01
Neil Hagan 2001-02
Don McLean 2002-03
Andy McMaster 2003-04
Greg Daly 2004-05
Doug Rosler 2005-06
Lou Gorski 2006-07
Allan Neyedly 2007-08
Terry Brownlee 2008-09
Al Seredynski 2009-11
Paul Batchelor 2011-13
Horst Wuerfel 2013-15
Loyd Olson 2015-17
Brian Thompson 2017-19
Bruce Wilkinson 2019-20
Ken Onagi 2020-

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Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club

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Box 20062,RPO Westwood
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Phone: 204-832-5817 | Fax: 204-888-8996

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Club Information

The Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club carries the pride of honouring these men and all others who fought for freedom in World War I and II. We are mindful of the task we have undertaken and endeavor to carry out our curling in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner. We are proud of them; we hope they would have been proud of us.



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