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Registration: AMCC 2020-21 Adult Player Registration and Waiver Sign-Off (Sep 21, 2020 09:58 am - Apr 9, 2021 09:58 am)

Please click the highlighted links to read each document listed below.

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Waiver of Liability 

Declaration of Compliance 

As directed by Curling Canada, all curlers will need to provide sign-off for the Waiver of Liability and Declaration of Compliance before entering the ice shed. By completing this online registration process, you will satisfy the sign-off requirement for these documents without having to electronically submit them separately. Each player needs to do so only once, and it will remain valid for the entire 2020-21 season. 

All players must supply an e-mail address; if you do not have one of your own, please obtain one from a family member or friend who checks for messages at least daily, and can contact you immediately if required.  The same e-mail address CAN be used for multiple registrations.

This process does not require online payments - but PayPal may be used to submit payment if you wish. If you are going to pay online, please remember to select the $20 Capital Reserve fee  in addition to the league fee (each player needs to pay this fee once, usually to the first league of the week he/she curls in, if playing in more than one league).

Hover your mouse over the blue letter "i" next to each form field for additional information.

First Name:
Last Name:
Confirm Email:
Notes / Comments:
REQUIRED - Select the leagues you will be playing in full-time this season:
Monday Night Mens - Regular Member
Tuesday Stick Curling
Tuesday CFB Mixed
Tuesday Boeing (Aviation)
Tuesday Night Mens - Regular Member
Wednesday Masters
Wednesday Business Women
Thursday Stick Curling
Thursday Ladies
Thursday Night Mens - Regular Member
Friday Senior Mens
Friday Fun Lovers
Saturday Crestwood Mens
Saturday Crestview Mixed
Saturday Night Mixed
Sunday Charleswood Legion
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday Mens' - 5th player
Casual spare, bonspiel, or Associate Member (please select the leagues you play in the most, or type the name of the bonspiel in the NOTES box above)
Atkins Curling Supplies Classic Bonspiel (note - satisfies AMCC waiver requirements, does not enter you in the event).
OPTIONAL - Select the leagues you wish to pay for online. A 3% surcharge has been added to cover PayPal costs:
Monday Men's Regular Member ($280 + $8.40)
Tuesday Men's Regular Member ($280 + $8.40)
Thursday Men's Regular Member ($280 + $8.40)
Mon/Tue/Thu Men's 5th player ($170 + $5.10)
Thursday Afternoon Ladies AMLCC Regular Member ($150 + $4.50)
Thursday Afternoon Ladies AMLCC 5th/6th Player ($35 + $1.05)
Friday Fun Lovers ($190 + $5.70)
Saturday MORNING Crestview Mixed ($170.63 + $5.12)
Saturday NIGHT Mixed ($105 + $3.15)
Capital Reserve Fee - ALL CURLERS MUST PAY ONCE TO ANY LEAGUE ($20 + $0.60)
I agree to the terms and conditions:  
 Read Terms & Conditions

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