17 to 21 Jan 2019: Curl MB Open/Half Spiel
20 to 20 Jan 2019: Adult Learn to Curl (4 ?)
20 to 20 Jan 2019: Charleswood Legion(4x)
17 to 21 Jan 2019: Curl MB Open/Half Spiel
17 to 21 Jan 2019: Curl MB Open/Half Spiel

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Please note - we have re-arranged some of the menus at the top of our website during the past several weeks to add some new items and make others easier to find. Remember that in order to see ALL of the content on this site, you need to log in using your ID and password (especially content under the MEMBERS menu, which includes leage schedules that have been provided to post). You can create a new ID, or retrieve details of your existing account, by using the links provided in the purple "Member Login" box on the home page.

E-mail accounts have been created for all Board members and key facility contacts - they can be found under the Members -> Board of Directors and Facility Contacts menu. We were having some issues with shaw.ca e-mail accounts not being able to send messages to us, but that issue apears to be resolved as of yesterday. You can always reach us by using the Send us an Email link on the right hand side of most pages on our site (if you are having issues contacting us using the curlamcc.com addresses, please report the issue through this link).

More changes are coming for 2018:

  • Home-end ice cameras will be added to the list of views available to be watched on your smartphone or tablet while you are within the facility (see Club - Ice Cameras). Note that all equipment and effort in support of this service has been donated to AMCC on a trial basis for this season.
  • A YouTube channel will be launched for AMCC, which will be used to live-stream the 2018 Provincial Stick Championship and 2018 Senior Provincial Championship draws.
  • Regular updates will continue to be posted to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • A comprehensive member survey will be launched in February.
  • An exciting announcement about a Spring event to be hosted at AMCC will be shared.

Last but not least:

  • AMCC will be closed Sun 24-Dec through Mon 01-Jan inclusive (first day of curling in 2018 - January 2).
  • See our Facebook (can be accessed using the purple tab on the top-left side of our web page) and Twitter feeds for coverage of the 2017 MB Junior Provincial Curling CHampionships beginning on Dec 26.
  • Merry Christmas from all AMCC Staff (including our great ice crew) and Board members.
  • Thank you to all volunteers, members, guests for a successful season of curling so far.

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