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All curlers please note:

As of February 19, the bell timer system that some AMCC curlers are familiar with has been replaced with a modern automated unit. With this replacement comes changes to the way that the system now operates (compared to the way that everyone was familiar with).

  • All league schedules are pre-programmed into the new system. As long as the "enable" toggle switch is set to the upward position (which it normally always should be from now on), the scheduled "league bells" will ring as programmed. In other words, there is no need to go into the wiring closet to press the black button and toggle the switch at the start of every draw. The icemakers will ensure that the switch is set appropriately at the start of every curling day.
    league ring

  • In the event of a bonspiel or other special event, or if corrections are required to a "league" bell schedule - please contact the Club Manager to have the schedule modified. At least 36 hours lead time is required to accommodate these types of requests.

  • If the need arises to ring the bell manually, this can be done by tapping the designated switch on the west side of the downstairs lobby. One tap = one three second ring; the system will NOT automatically ring the bell a second time (so if you want another ring 1 hour and 45 minutes after the first button press, somebody needs to tap the button 1 hour and 45 minutes later).
    manual ring

The current ring times programmed into the system as of Feb 19 are shown below (and are posted at various locations in the lobby):

bell sched feb19

Note: Thursday evening late draw bells updated to 2115 and 2300hrs.

A lot of hard work and planning went into implementing (what we hope is) this improved system. Thanks in advance for your patience with all Club staff as we work through the inevitable growing pains throughout the next several weeks.

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