12 to 12 Dec 2017: Mens Tuesday(x6)
13 to 13 Dec 2017: Masters (x6)
13 to 13 Dec 2017: Masters B (x6)
13 to 13 Dec 2017: JT (x2)
13 to 13 Dec 2017: St Charles School (x4)

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In-house Ice Camera Live Streams

Donations of equipment, time, and expertise from several anonymous sources have allowed AMCC to offer ice cameras on a "best effort" trial basis. The cameras have been installed to allow outside viewers to access live video streams of the Senior Men's and Women's Provincials, and Manitoba Stick Provincials, which will be held at AMCC early in 2018.

  • Video is accessible from newer Android (Samsung, LG, etc using the Chrome web browser), iOS (Apple iPhone / iPad using the Safari web browser), and Windows 10 (using the Edge web browser) devices.
  • The live streams are only accessible while you are within the building AND your device is connected to our free wi-fi network (AMCC / AMCC2 / AMCC3). Nobody outside the building can view the live images being captured by the cameras.
  • There is a 2-3 second delay between the "live" event and the video stream.
  • As of December 10, 2017 - two far-end views are available. Home end views will be added in January 2018.
  • Video may occasionally be "frozen" or absent. Volunteers will try to check up on the feeds and remediate this issue on a daily basis, when possible.
  • Sorry - with the technology available, there is no way for us to provide a readable view of the score boards at this time (so efforts have been focused on making all 16 houses visible).

Click one of the images below to view live video:

Far End: Sheets 5-8 / 1-4

Sheet 5-8 Far End   Sheet 1-4 Far End 

Home end: coming in January 2018.

AMCC members and guests ROCK!

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the support of AMCC members and guests, the second phase of our rock handle engraving program has finally SOLD OUT!

AMCC name rocks2

Orders will be submitted to the handle supplier in the very near future, and will be installed early in 2018 (before end of season).

Road Construction

Please be advised - Saskatchewan Avenue closed between Cavalier Drive and Hamilton Ave until October 2018 (click map to enlarge). 


If you travel this route to AMCC, please use alternate access.

8-ender scored November 8, 2017

8-ender scored in our Wednesday Masters League, 8 Nov.

Team members Skip Bryan Weber, Third Rod Davidson, Second Pat Kilcullen and lead Dave Robertson.

Congrats to the team!

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