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Adult Learn to Curl / Recurrent Skill Workshops




(8 weeks)


(8 weeks)

Full Season
(16 weeks)

Age Groups   Age 15 and up *Adults only (18+)
Dates October - March  *October 20 - December 15, 2019 *January 5 -
March 22, 2020 
*October 20, 2019 -
March 22, 2020
Minimum Experience Level None

Adult Learn to Curl - None

Recurrent Skill Workshops -  Novice
(at least one season of Adult Learn to Curl or regular league play)

Equipment Provided Step-on slider, synthetic brush Step-on slider, synthetic brush   Step-on slider, synthetic brush Step-on slider, synthetic brush
(for first half of season only)
Social event included None Christmas mini-spiel and social event Wind-up mini-spiel and social event Christmas and wind-up
mini-spiel and social event
Cost $25/person
(2-hour session)
$175/person $175/person $300/person
(Includes full AMCC + curling association memberships and 50% discount
for one-night curling clinics)
Online enrollment Click Here to Attend (advance registration recommended but not required - first come, first served)

Adult Learn to Curl - Registration opens August 15, 2019

Recurrent Skill Workshops - Registration opens August 15, 2019

Registration deadlines:
October start - October 15, 2019
January start - January 7, 2020

Maximum participants 16 per session 16 per session (*1:30 - 3:30 pm Sundays)

*Curlers under the age of 18 are welcome to participate in our Saturday Youth Curling program.
Start dates are tentative and subject to change prior to commencement of session.

AMCC Adult Curling Academy

If you ask any curler about the sport - you will find that most are very passionate about it. Our facility is the winter home of over 900 of these types of people people - and we want to share the fun with you through our Adult Curling Academy! We have something to offer for every skill level of curler, from people who have never set foot on a pebbled ice surface before, to players who partake in multiple variations of the game (mixed doubles, 2-person stick, and traditional 4-person team) every week. 

Have you never curled before, or maybe played once or twice 20 years ago? Our Adult Learn to Curl Program is for you...

Need a beak in your weekly routine?

Are you new to the neighborhood, and want to meet some new people while having fun and getting some exercise?

Want to make your Manitoba winter seem shorter while participating in a sport that you might have seen on TV (but never tried yourself)?

If any of the above applies to you, and you are a first-time or novice (<1 year experience) curler over 18 years of age, the AMCC Adult Learn to Curl Program (in its third year at AMCC) is designed for you.

What you get:

  • 8 or 16 weeks of curling instruction beginning after Thanksgiving weekend (ending in mid-March).
    • Eight weeks of on- and off-ice instruction and skill development - two facilitators assigned per sheet.
    • Eight weeks of additional ice time with emphasis on game play (with facilitators available to assist participants at all times).
  • A typical session will include about 80 minutes of on-ice activity and 30 minutes of discussion indoors.
  • Basic curling equipment available to borrow from the club - until December.
  • LOTTSA instruction at first: Terminology, Etiquette, Rules, Walking on Ice, Delivery, Sweeping, Judging weight, Judging line, Strategy, etc. Less instruction as the season progresses. Not so much instruction at the end of the season.
  • First few weeks are based around basics, then we move into skill development, challenges, small games, mini-league.
  • Social events in December and March (participants don't need to organize, but will be asked for their preferences).
  • Kitchen open for breakfast before and lunch after Lounge open for refreshments.
  • The fee we charge is comparable to a Mens' League - and they don't get most of the above.
  • No 50/50 draw, fundraising raffles, requests to be Treasurer or Secretary, or attend a meeting.
    Just show up ready to play and have some fun!
  • Risk-free trial: Two weeks of participation allowed before committing to a full season.
  • You need to supply a comfortable pair of athletic pants (e.g. jogging pants), clean indoor running shoes, and a non-fleece sweater / hoodie, and light winter gloves
    (on-ice temperature is a few degrees above freezing - much warmer than most Manitoba winter days).

New for 2019-20: Recurrent Skill Workshops

Our successful Adult Learn to Curl program is in its third year, and we are listening to feedback from our customers. In response, we are happy to offer a series of workshops designed not only for recent "graduates," but also for experienced curlers who are looking for an opportunity to receive the coaching needed to improve challenging areas in their individual play. It's like the pre-season "clinic" that a lot of curlers attended in the past - but you get to keep improving throughout the duration of the series (rather than attending a single evening and immediately forgetting everything you learned at your first game a week later). Some examples of what you can expect to see:

  • Laser training
  • Video analysis and correction
  • Line-of-delivery work
  • Rock timing and rotation measurements
  • Advanced brushing techniques
  • ...and more!

Learn to Curl and our Recurrent Skill Workshops are not low-value "quick and cheap" clinics. They are multi-week instructional league experiences specifically designed to help new curlers learn the basics successfully, and experienced curlers achieve a more consistent level of play. 

For more information about the sport of curling, please see the links below:

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