Week 13 Update

Week 13 – Jan. 24, 2015

After a rousing game of Simon Says, the Little Rockers headed to the ice to refine their brushing and throwing technique. They continue to work at “hitting the broom” and are making more and more takeouts each week. Well done Little Rockers! They ended the day by meeting Canada’s National Wheelchair and Olympic Gold Medal Curling Champions!

The Bantam curlers had the chance to share the ice with Canada’s National Wheelchair and Olympic Gold Medal Curling Champions today! The Bantams continue to work at transitioning between draws and takeouts. They ended the day with a little game of two on two. Good work Bantams!

The Juniors used video analysis to provide feedback on their line of delivery today. It was great to see how much their deliveries are improving and everyone had a chance to see how they could improve their ability to “hit the broom”. The Juniors finished the day with a little game of 4 on 4. Before they left the ice they had the opportunity to wish Canada’s National Wheelchair and Olympic Gold Medal Curling Champions “good luck” as they prepare for the 2015 World Championships!

Week 12 Update

On January 17, some of our talented junior and bantam curlers participated in a bonspiel in Beausejour. They distinguished themselves on the ice with an outstanding performance. All of our times made the finals in their events, and best of all, everyone had a great time.
We are very proud of our AMCC youth curlers!
Team 1  Team A  Team Alpha
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Week 11 Update

Week 11Jan. 10,2015


The Little Rockers started the day by once again demonstrating their proficiency at solving riddles!  After a little review of how to put the turn on the rockthe Little Rockers made a “blizzard” of good shots.  To end the day, the Little Rockers had their first opportunity to play a couple of ends of 2 on 2.   Great work Little Rockers!

The Bantams began the day by “dancing to Lady Gaga”.  After a little review of how to release the rock correctly they had an opportunity to practice their shot making.  They ended the day with a little game of 3 on 3.  Well done Bantam curlers!

Lady Gaga helped to inspire our Juniors as they began their day by practicing their brushing technique.  After a quick review of the pre-shot routine they had an opportunity to work on their line of delivery.  They ended the day by skipping 2 ends in preparation for next week’s bonspiel in Beausejour.  Good luck Juniors!

Week 10 Update

The Little Rockers started the New Year by refining their “dancing” skills as they learned how to position themselves to be ready to brush as soon as the thrower releases the rock. They also learned how to “shake hands” with the skip’s broom when they deliver the rock. For every well thrown rock that stopped in the ghost rings our Little Rockers put their autograph on our “Junior Rock Stars” banner!

The Bantam curlers began the day by demonstrating their ever improving brushing skills. They continue to work on their push from hack and they did a great job of transitioning between draws and takeouts. They had an opportunity to use their skills in a little game of 3 on 3. Great work Bantams!

The Juniors began the day by refining their brushing skills by focusing on their footwork and head position. They continue to work at improving their line of delivery by successfully sliding between two stones positioned on either side of the button. Great concentration Juniors! They finished the day by practicing their skipping skills as they led their team of Bantams in a game of 3 on 3.

Week 9 Update

Week 9Dec. 20,2014


Our Little Rockers, Bantams and Juniors had a great time teaching their parents how to curl today!  The adults learned that it’s not so easy to put those rocks in play, even using the ghost rings!  The on ice session was followed by a little party with great food and some very special little gifts for each of our amazing athletes!  Thank you to all the parents who came out to try our great game with their special Little Rocker, Bantam or Junior curler!


Have a wonderful Christmas!  See you on January 3, 2015.

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