Week 6 Update

Week 6 - Nov. 22, 2014 

The Little Rockers started off the day by listening to a riveting story about “Sweeping Beauty”  and "Goldirocks" before they headed out onto the ice to demonstrate their amazing sweeping skills!    They learned a new shot – the “takeout”, and had a great time rolling the dice for every well thrown takeout. There were so many well thrown takeouts that they topped 250 points!  Great work Little Rockers! 

Our Bantam curlers began the day by demonstrating their much improved brushing skills.   They continue to work at developing their push from the hack and 

they did a great job of transitioning between draw weight and take out weight!  Well done Bantams! 

Our bantams are learning a great deal from camera work. After some tips from Sonny and a look at their own deliveries, and their hack setups, on video, the Juniors went to work at improving individual aspects of their delivery.   By the end of the day they were all one step closer to imitating Brad Gushue.  Great work Juniors! 

Many of our curlers will soon be sporting new AMCC hoodies, which are being ordered this week. 


Week 5 Update

Week 5 - Nov. 15, 2014

The Little Rockers began the day by successfully guessing the phrase “We love our Little Rockers”! On the ice, they demonstrated their much improved balance skills by showing what terrific  “tight rope walkers” they are!  After a rousing game of “Musical Brushing” they showed us how good they are at aiming by sliding their rocks successfully between two cones.  Sharp shooting Little Rockers!   

This week our Bantam curlers learned to control their push from the hack by sliding out and stopping at cones positioned on the ice.   It sure takes a big push from the hack to get the rock all the way to the other end!  After a game of “Musical Brushing”, the Bantams had an opportunity to team up with the Juniors for a little game of 3 on 3.   They finished the day by learning what all the skip’s gestures mean! 

Our Juniors continue to work hard at perfecting their delivery technique.   This week  they performed for the movie camera by demonstrating how well they can deliver a stone!  After a game of “Musical Brushing” they had an opportunity to practice their strategy and skipping skills as they led their team of Bantams in a little game of 3 on 3.   Well  done Juniors!     


Our junior programs are organized and coached by volunteers.  We are most grateful for their expertise and time.  Please consider joining us on the ice with our young curlers. 

Week 4 update


Week 4 -Nov 8, 2014

Our Little Rockers successfully demonstrated their newly acquired knowledge about curling terms. They learned that rocks "curl" as they travel down the ice and they filled their tree with dozens of leaves, each representing a well thrown rock! Way to go Little Rockers!

Our Bantam curlers learned that how hard we push from the hack determines how far the rock travels. They learned to shuffle their feet when they brush and they were most impressive in their ability to set up to the broom and throw the correct turn! Great work Bantam curlers!

The Juniors challenged the parents to a friendly competition and learned that many of our parents are outstanding curlers and great sports! There were some excellent shots on all sides and our Juniors gained some valuable game experience. Thanks parents!


Week 3 Update

Week 3 - Nov. 1, 2014


Our Little Rockers were thrilled to meet World Curling Champion Greg Drummond who came all the way from Scotland to show us the perfect delivery! Our Little Rockers then used their talents to build a Lego tower. Every rock thrown with the correct turn earned each Little Rocker a piece of Lego. It was so tall we had to build two towers!

This week the Bantam curlers practiced their 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock turns and had their first opportunity to put them to use in game situations. After reviewing their brushing technique, everyone had a chance to throw, brush and skip. Well done Bantams!

The Juniors were celebrities this week as they had to pose for the camera with the perfect set-up. They learned to use the push from the hack to control weight and had a chance to practice their game skills as they prepared to take on the adults next week! Go Juniors Go!

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