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21 to 21 Sep 2017: Annual carpet cleaning
26 to 26 Sep 2017: AMLCC(MEETING)
26 to 26 Sep 2017: WCCA/CM Info Meeting (FG)
27 to 28 Sep 2017: EO Stick Spiel
27 to 27 Sep 2017: Interclub meeting
27 to 27 Sep 2017: Team Ladorbruk Px

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business of curlingEven as the end of the 2016-17 curling season has passed, AMCC volunteers remain hard at work preparing for next season (and beyond).

Loyd Olson (Club President), Paul Batchelor (Club Manager), and Kevin Nakonechny (Webmaster) were among delegates from a minority of Winnipeg curling clubs, and several rural Manitoba curling clubs of all sizes, in attendance at the Business of Curling seminar on April 21-23 at the Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport hotel.

Sponsored by Curl Manitoba and presented by Curling Canada, formal presentations by full-time curling experts from across Canada covered topics in the following broad areas:

Attracting new curlers

  • Curling 101 (a curling introductory follow-up to "Rocks and Rings," which was presented at AMCC this year for the first time)
  • Adult Learn to Curl
  • Social Media Buying
  • Building Capacity

Servicing our customers (everybody who sets foot in our facility - to curl or not) better

  • Scraping, stones, water, paint
  • Bonspiels
  • Delivering Superior Customer Service
  • IMF Registration System

Tools and techniques for making our curling club financially sustainable (without simply raising membership fees every year!)

  • Risk Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Volunteers

Informal networking and discussion of success / failure stories between seminar attendees also provided an invaluable learning experience.

What does this all mean for AMCC? - exciting possibilities for the future of our Club and all of the people it serves. Further details will be shared through the Board in the weeks and months to come; attendance at this year's AGM is highly encouraged, if you are curious for a sneak peek.

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