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21 to 21 Sep 2017: Annual carpet cleaning
26 to 26 Sep 2017: AMLCC(MEETING)
26 to 26 Sep 2017: WCCA/CM Info Meeting (FG)
27 to 28 Sep 2017: EO Stick Spiel
27 to 27 Sep 2017: Interclub meeting
27 to 27 Sep 2017: Team Ladorbruk Px

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On March 30, a sizable crowd of spectators gathered in the upstairs lounge to witness a much closer game than was indicated by the final display on the scoreboard. Team Derek Blanchard clinched the Club Championship with a 6-0 win over Team Will Sutton.

Congratulations to the winning lineup: Skip - Derek Blanchard, Third - Brian Thomson, Second - Scott Bruce, Lead - Kyle McNaughton, Fifth - JT Ryan.

AMCC Daytime Championships

Come visit AMCC for more great curling April 3-7:

  • 10 Men's / 6 Women's teams
  • Draws @ 1:00 pm Monday; 9:30 am / 1:00 pm Tuesday - Thursday; 9:00 am Friday
  • Free admission

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